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Rent a boat in Amsterdam: Boaty rental boats!

Rent a boat and enjoy Amsterdam at its best! Our rental boats allow you to explore the beautiful Amsterdam canals with your own company and at your own pace. After a short instruction it is really easy to drive your boat. You don't need a licence to rent a boat. A good map of the Amsterdam canals, including route suggestions and highlights on your way, makes sure you'll make the most of your boat hire. Your rental boat is electrically driven and therefore silent and free of exhaust fumes. Our rental boats come with free life vests in different sizes. Boaty Rent a Boat is open every day and has the best rates in Amsterdam. Boaty's location is at the Jozef Israëlskade next to hotel Okura, south of the city center of Amsterdam. Don't miss out on the highlight of your Amsterdam visit and book now!

"A lovely way to see the city! We have a lot of visitors to stay and they always love it." (Emma Chambers, expat from England)

"Really, really cool - very highly recommended." (Stephen Fleming, Melbourne)

"This must be the most perfect way to see Amsterdam" (Frank Hammersland, Norway)

Check out Boaty´s Guest Book, photo album and more guest reviews on Google.

Boaty News Letter Spring 2014

Rent boat Amsterdam rental boat canals Boaty

Rent boat Amsterdam canal rental boats Boaty

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