Amsterdam canals and Amstel river

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The Amstel river and some of the most famous canals

Great combination of river and canals

This route will take you along many famous Amsterdam highlights. It combines the impressive yet tranquil Amstel river with some of the most beautiful canals of our World Heritage Area. It is possible to complete this route within a three hour rental (without any breaks).

This route on a map

This route is indicated on a large laminated map that we provide. A basic preview of the route is also available on Google Maps below.

The places of interest on this route

On this route you will pass:
* the Amsterdam South architecture by Berlage
* the skyscrapers at the Amstel station
* the former city archives and many different houseboats
* the Amstel Hotel and the Carré Theatre
* the most famous bridge in town (the ‘skinny bridge’)
* the Hermitage Museum
* the Herengracht with its ‘Golden Bend’ (most prosperous canal)
* the Leliegracht or Brouwersgracht with its beautiful canal houses
* the Jordaan area with its ‘Nine Streets’
* the Prinsengracht with its Houseboat Museum, Anne Frank’s House and Westerkerk church
* the ‘Spiegelkwartier’ area with its many galleries
* the Rijksmuseum
* Red light district Ruysdaelkade
* ‘de Pijp’ neighborhood