About Boaty

What does Boaty stand for?

The name ‘Boaty’ is a playful derivative of this thing we normally call ‘a boat’. It expresses what we want our company to be: sympathetic, cheerful, internationally orientated and straightforward. 

How do you profit from that?

  1. Our boats: these are zero-emission, easy to operate and basic in a positive way. Don’t expect any luxury, but all you need to have a relaxed boat tour is included. 
  2. Our processes: we try to be efficient and personal at the same time. It’s easy to reserve your boat: either by phone for today or online for any other day. And before departure you will receive a proper personal instruction. 
  3. Our rates: we’re the most economic boat rental in Amsterdam. So you and your friends or family can enjoy a relaxed and authentic Amsterdam canal tour that’s great value for money. 

What do others think about Boaty?

Back when we started, we had a true paper guestbook. Very nice, but of course that was overtaken by social media. So now you can read guest reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google and Tripadvisor. Our boats are rather basic and slow, but people find them easy to drive, spacious and perfect for Amsterdam canal sightseeing. Our guests also value the zero-emission propulsion and the value for money they get. But we get the most credits for the personal explanation and support by our team.

Get yourself a Boaty too!

Wanna find out for yourself how cool and relaxed it is to drive your own boat on the Amsterdam canals? Then book your Boaty now.
We look forward to welcoming you!


Boating is fun!

Boaty was established in 2008. Before then, we shared the ownership of several consecutive boats with friends. They were really old boats with polluting gasoline engines. We used to go out a lot. Sometimes we planned long in advance, but most trips were last minute. We did some shopping, invited some friends, and off we were. It was always fun and relaxed!

But owning a boat comes with a lot of hassle

After a while we found out that owning a boat comes at a price, literally and figuratively. There is this saying: ‘at two days you’re happy with a boat: the day you buy it and the day you sell it’. Not true, of course, but there is some truth in it. Engines died,  steel rusted, plastic cracked and each trip required cleaning the open boats, and scooping them after rain showers. The mooring fees got higher and higher. And we even lost complete boats: two of them got stolen and one towed away by the local water authorities. 

The idea of a boat rental was born

Long story short: it’s great to make boat trips, but owning a boat is not that great. How to solve that paradox? The answer is actually quite easy: renting a boat instead of buying one! 

Building the company from scratch

At that time there were no self-drive boat rental companies in Amsterdam. So we started one in spring 2008, after a thorough search for the best docks, dock, power supply and so on. Our maiden fleet consisted of three boats. Fortunately, this proved to be a good choice. So over the years we grew step by step to our current fleet. And to a nice clientele from Amsterdam to Australia. Wherever you’re from, we’re looking forward to helping you to a relaxed Amsterdam canal tour too! 

Absolutely amazing experience. Boats are very easy to operate and safe. Other sailors on the channels are very nice, polite and friendly. Amsterdam view from the channels is hard to beat. The freedom that you can get, while sailing yourself around the city can not compare with anything. Will definitely come again.

Ilya S. (July 2019 on Google)

The best way to go round the canals is to rent your own boat. These guys are great. Great boat trip around Amsterdam. Very helpful staff.

Redbrownuk (August 2019 on Tripadvisor)

A great way to discover Amsterdam is boating yourself. This place rents out electric boats that give you an opportunity to discover Amsterdam by boat. Friendly and helpful personnel located right on the canal near the entrance of the Okura hotel.

Terrence P. (August 2019 on Google)

“Loved it! Easy to follow instructions and the boat is easy to drive once you get used to it. Overall an awesome experience and would highly recommend it! Ps the ducks playing in the stream from the boat is adorable!

Kitri747 (August 2019 on Tripadvisor)