You CANNOT enter the SAIL area with a Boaty

Once in every five years the Amsterdam SAIL takes place. This is a huge nautical event, attracting millions of visitors. In August 2025 it’s time for the 10th edition of SAIL.
SAIL starts with a spectacular entry of the tall ships over the canal that connects Amsterdam with the North Sea. Over the following days visitors can marvel at all the tall ships and other boats that are moored in the Amsterdam port area.  
During the event the entire SAIL area – consisting of the IJ and a large stretch of the port area – is an official ‘event area’. It is strictly forbidden to visit this area with a Boaty. The reason for that is safety. The open waters of the SAIL area as well as the amount and the size of traffic that SAIL attracts are too much for our small and slow boats. Entry is not only dangerous, but also practically impossible: our boats will not be allowed to enter.

Boaty is open for regular rentals during the SAIL event

During the SAIL event our regular opening hours and our regular rates apply. So you can make a regular online booking for one of these days. Just beware of what’s allowed and what’s not: you’re allowed to make a regular city center trip, but going to the SAIL area is strictly forbidden.  

Before starting your rental you have to sign for not trying to enter the SAIL area with your Boaty. If we find out you try to break this agreement, we will make sure you will get off your boat immediately and we will charge € 1.500 on your credit card.

SAIL-visits by boat can be booked through the website of the organization

Do you want to visit the SAIL event by boat? Then we advise to book an arrangement on the website of the organization of SAIL 2020 with one of their official partners.