Corona / COVID-19 Policy

We’re open, but a little different than before!

Yes, you can rent a Boaty! We follow the national “RIVM guidelines” to prevent contamination and the spread of the Coronavirus. That’s why we have adjusted our operation and our conditions. Please read carefully below. 

Avoid direct contact and keep a distance of 1.5 metres

We have adapted our operation to avoid direct contact and to keep 1.5 metres distance. This means that our service is a little stricter and less personal than you are used to. We trust that:
* you and your party also adhere to 1.5 metres;
* you understand that some things may take a little longer than usual;
* you follow the instructions of our staff.

The 1.5 metres principle applies everywhere:
* to the other guests who rent a boat from us;
* at check-in, on the quayside and during the instructions by our employees;
* on the water with other people and boats.

Maximum number of people

The maximum number of people allowed on your boat depends on the composition of your group. People from different households must always keep 1.5 meters distance. The authorities use the following definition of a household: married or registered or other couples officially living in the same house, and their children and their parents officially living in that same house.  According to the authorities student housing is not one household.

Before booking please make sure that your group size and composition is allowed on our boats:

1-3 people

allowed, regardless of group composition


4 people

allowed if:
* 1 household of 4 people
* 2 households of 2 people each
* 1 household of 3 people + 1 household of 1 person
NOT allowed if:
* the 4 people come from more than 2 households


5 people

allowed if:
* 1 household of 5 people
* 1 household of 3 people + 1 household of 2 person
* 1 household of 4 people + 1 household of 1 person
NOT allowed if:
* the 5 people come from more than 2 households


6 people

allowed if:
* 1 household of 6 people
NOT allowed if:
* the 6 people come from more than 1 household

At the bottum of this page you can have a look at the different seating arrangements for all group compositions that are allowed on our boats.

High fines for violation of Corona-rules

The water police and the municipality enforce the rules concerning group size and composition, and distance between people from different households. If you don’t follow the rules, you can be fined € 390 per person

City center canals are open

Also during the weekends the city center canals are open. So you can pick one of our beautiful city center routes, or make your own route on the Amsterdam canals and the Amstel river.

Payment online and by card, no cash accepted

We no longer accept cash payments. If you pre-book online, payment is included in the proces. If you make a reservation by phone or come by spontaneously, we will complete the payment on the spot with our mobile ATM, preferably contactless.

(Symptoms of) Corona/COVID-19? Act responsably and cancel for free

We trust that you will only rent a boat if your entire crew has no symptoms of Corona / COVID-19. If you or one of your crew has (symptoms of) Corona / COVID-19 please take your responsability and cancel your rental for free. Then you will receive a credit for a boat rental some other time. This credit is valid for two years and may be transferred to another person. 


1) The national, regional and local governments regularly adjust their policy and the associated guidelines and measures. We follow these and adjust our operation and conditions accordingly. 
2) Did you find any contradiction between the above and other information on our website or our general terms and conditions? In that case the information above applies. 
3) We try hard to minimize the risk of contamination. However, renting a boat with us is always at your own risk. In the event you catch the virus as a result of your boat trip, we cannot be held liable in any case.